The initial consultation lasts approximately 60 minutes and will involve the following:


At the initial consultation, we will go through a Functional Health Assessment consisting of a discussion about previous medical history, family medical history, lifestyle habits, stress levels and current health concerns.  


Prior to the initial consultation, you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire along with a 3-day food diary.

Assessment of your 3-day food diary to assess macro-nutrient and micro-nutrient intake to uncover any potential deficiencies or excesses that may be linked to imbalances in the body. 


Lifestyle assessment to determine patterns of sleeping and eating and how these patterns may be influenced by stress. 


Review of current medications and supplements along with a thorough assessment of potential drug interactions with any nutrients and supplements recommended in your plan.


Your preferences in regards to foods, exercise, budget, time spent cooking etc. will be considered when formulating your nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. We will have a discussion to ensure that we are aligned and that you feel the recommendations are realistic and achievable for you. 


Supplements may be recommended where appropriate as additional support for your health. The cost of supplements is not included in the programme price.


Functional testing may also be recommended for your consideration if I feel that more information is needed to investigate the underlying causes of health problems. *Please note, the cost of testing is not included in the programme price and will be an additional cost should you choose to proceed.


All payments due at the time of consultation by bank transfer, cheque or cash. 


Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of scheduled appointment time will incur a £35 admin fee.


*One complimentary late cancel waiver with each package.


The duration of your programme will depend on your health concerns and the amount of support that you need. All sessions (in person or via Skype/phone) will be arranged to suit you.


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