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"I enjoyed my consultations with Kelly Hafner very much. She was professional and clearly informed in all areas of nutrition. I found her advice and answers to my concerns extremely helpful. Knowing that she was available to handle various questions of mine was very reassuring.


I have in place a great nutritional plan for healthy living. I am moving towards a healthy place in life and it is largely down to Kelly’s consulting and personal concern for me as her ‘client’.  I have already recommended her to friends that are interested in improving their health."





" I was referred to Kelly by a friend of mine who is a kinesiologist. I had just been diagnosed with Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome and I was concerned about my immune system. Although I was careful of what I was eating before I saw Kelly, I wanted the point of view of a professional.


Kelly helped to point out specific foods in the appropriate quantities in order to help rebuild my immune system. I felt Kelly was extremely knowledgeable, always happy to help and very accommodating of my lifestyle as a working mom. Her one to one comprehensive approach was helpful and her monthly catch up afterwards was unique."

"The food we eat can either be the safest, most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison"


Holistic Health Pioneer





My consultation with Kelly was BRILLIANT! I really thought she did a fine job and I felt in very safe hands, particularly from the point of view of not over whelming me with instructions! It all feels totally manageable which I think is key in getting clients to respond positively."

"At age 29 I found myself in the hospital with complications from ulcerative colitis/crohn’s. I have taken medication since high school, the lifestyle was draining, and what I had been doing clearly was not working. I have always tried to be conscientious of what I fuel my body with, but working with Kelly truly opened my eyes to how much my body was missing.


Understanding what I eat and how it effects my body, has allowed me to take control of my disease. Under Kelly’s consultation, I had a few functional tests and found out I was a deficient in many essential vitamins, had a plethora of food intolerance's, and my gut bacterium was not where it needed to be (not great when you have a gut condition). Kelly’s program is tailored to my unique needs and test results. I am proud to say a year after my hospital visit I feel significantly better and my body is healthier than it has ever been."



"My husband has ulcerative colitis and after his latest flair up, and finding out things internally were much worse than we thought, I knew he had to make a drastic lifestyle change. When his GI doctor said what he eats has no effect on his condition I wanted to scream – I mean, he has a gut disease, how can what he eats have no effect!! Working with Kelly has allowed the functional medicine link we were missing.


It has been great for my husband to take control of his disease and understand his body and what it needs. Kelly has been wonderful working with me as well in understanding test results and how I can be supportive in this health journey. We have made dramatic changes – and I have gotten healthier too as a result."


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