A good night’s sleep is as important to health as eating the right things and exercise. Your physical and emotional wellbeing depend on getting enough. Yet, we are living in sleep-deprived times. Some people are even competitive about how little sleep they’re getting,...

Poor sleep is a problem that I see with many of my clients. I personally struggled with sleep problems for many years, and I know how debilitating this can be. So, in honour of National Sleep Awareness Week, I want to talk about why a good night's sleep is so important...

Itchy, watery eyes? Constantly sneezing? It's that time of year again. And while we welcome the longer days and more sunshine, spring also brings with it a fair bit of suffering for those who experience hay fever. It might surprise you to know that changing what you ea...

Whether or not dairy products are healthy is one of the things that people most ask me about as a nutrition professional.

There’s the argument from the dairy industry and conventional medicine that, if you don’t eat dairy, you’re putting your bone health at risk.


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